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Re-Coat Your Current Finish

This method is suitable for hardwood floors that are in good condition, but are showing signs of wear or scratches. This process is popular with customers who want to extend the life of their existing finish, or need to improve their floors, before putting their home on the market. This process is equally useful in removing or minimizing scratch damage.

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Before and After

The Re-Coat Process

•  A thorough vacuuming, machine wet-scrub, rinse, dry and hand sanding the edges.

• The floor is screen sanded and vacuumed using our dustless sanding system. Afterward a double tack cloth is used to pick up any stray dust.

• Lastly, 1 to 2 coats of commercial grade waterborne urethane finish are applied.

• A freshly re-coated hardwood floor not only looks better but is smoother, easier to clean and helps protect the floor from future wear.

Note: The purpose of screen sanding is to lightly abrade your existing finish to create a good mechanical bond, ensuring maximum adhesion of a fresh coat of finish. The process does not sand through the existing finish.

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