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Dustless Sanding


No more dust throughout your home

Wood dust is captured in powerful vacuums

The Dustless Sanding Process

Refinishing hardwood floors is now cleaner, faster and healthier because the wood dust is captured in powerful vacuums. After the floor is belt and edge sanded, with 3 or more successive grades of paper, it is also rotary sanded. All sanding processes are attached to our dustless vacuum system. By sanding using this process the results are:
• The smoothest, most uniform result possible
• A cleaner, healthier environment for the homeowner, workers and pets
• The ultimate in environmentally friendly floor sanding
• No mess to clean up afterward
• A smoother, more uniform final product with no dust that could contaminate the finish coats
• Your home will be back in service much more quickly than with traditional sanding methods

Features: Features

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